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Please make a financial donation or pledge to send your used study materials to actuarial students in need around the world! The following list outlines the materials needed. Shortly after we receive your pledge we will email you further instructions. For ISBN information on books listed below click here.

If you are a University and would like to request books, please click here to find out more about the program. For more information about Actuaries Without Borders and the great work they do, click here. Thank you!

Please note: we cannot accept any other materials. The below list represents current study materials specifically selected by the University libraries.

ACCPrinciples of Corporate FinanceBrealey, MyersNairobi22
AMActuarial MathematicsBowers, Gerber, Hickman et alNairobi22
AMActuarial MathematicsProvidenceNairobi20
AMActuarial Models for Disability InsuranceHaberman, PitaccoNairobi20
AMAn Introduction to Non-Life Insurance MathematicsSundtNairobi20
AMAnalysing Survival Data from Clinical Trials and Observational StudiesMarubini, ValsecchiNairobi20
AMClaims Reserving in Non-Life InsuranceTaylorNairobi20
AMFundamentals of Private PensionsMcGill, Brown, HaleyNairobi21
AMIntroduction to InsuranceDorfmanNairobi20
AMLife and Health InsuranceBlack, SkipperNairobi20
AMModelling Survival Data in Medical ResearchCollettNairobi20
AMNon-Life Insurance MathematicsMikoshNairobi20
AMNon-Life Insurance MathematicsStraubNairobi20
AMPension Mathematics for ActuariesAndersonNairobi20
AMSocial Insurance and Economic SecurityRejdaNairobi20
AMSurvival Models and Data AnalysisElandt-Johnson, JohnsonNairobi20
AMThe Actuarial Practice of General InsuranceHart, Buchanan, HoweNairobi20
ARMAn Introduction to Mathematical Risk TheoryGerberNairobi20
ARMApplications of Monte Carlo Methods to Finance and InsuranceHerzog, LordNairobi20
ARMFundamentals of Risk TheoryHeilmannNairobi20
ARMIntroduction to Credibility TheoryHerzogNairobi20
ARMLoss Models: From Data to DecisionsKlugman, Panjer, WillmotNairobi22
ARMMathematical Models in Risk TheoryBuhlmannNairobi20
ARMPractical Risk Theory for ActuariesDaykin, Pentikainen, PesonenNairobi20
ECEconomicsBegg, Fischer, DornbuschNairobi20
FMAn Introduction to the Mathematics of FinanceMcCutcheon, ScottNairobi20
FMContinuous-Time FinanceMertonNairobi20
FMFinance in Continuous Time: A PrimerShimkoNairobi20
FMFinancial Economics: With Applications to Investment, Insurance and PensionsPanjerNairobi20
FMFundamental Concepts of Actuarial Science TrowbridgeNairobi20
FMInterest Rate Models: Theory and PracticeBrigo, NesbittNairobi20
FMInvestment Analysis and Portfolio ManagementReillyNairobi20
FMMathematics of Compound InterestButcher, NesbittNairobi20
FMMathematics of FinanceZima, BrownNairobi20
FMMathematics of Financial MarketsElliot, KoppNairobi20
FMModern Actuarial Theory and PracticeBooth, Chadburn, CooperNairobi20
FMModern Portfolio Theory and Investment AnalysisElton, Gruber, BrownNairobi20
FMOptions and the Management of Financial RiskBoyleNairobi20
FMStochastic Calculus for FinanceShreveNairobi20
FMThe Theory of InterestKellisonNairobi20
FMTheory of Financial Decision MakingIngersollNairobi20
FMTheory of Interest and Life Contingencies with Pension Applications: A Problem-Solving ApproachParmenterNairobi21
I&AFutures and Options: Theory and ApplicationsStoll, WhaleyNairobi20
I&AMathematics of Investment and CreditBrovermanNairobi22
I&AOptions MarketCox, RubinsteinNairobi20
P&SA First Course in Stochastic ProcessesKarlin, TaylorNairobi20
P&SIntroduction to Stochastic Calculus Applied to FinanceLamberton, LapeyreNairobi20
P&SIntroductory Statistics with Applications in General InsuranceHossack, Pollard, ZehnwirthNairobi20
P&SJohn E Freund’s Mathematical Statistics with ApplicationsMiller, MillerNairobi20
P&SModelling Extremal Events for Insurance and FinanceEmbrechts, Kluppelberg, MikoschNairobi20
P&SStatistical Models Based on Counting ProcessesAndersen, Brogan, Gill Nairobi21

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