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ActuarialBrew.com Exam MFE Study Manual, 2017 Edition NEW EDITION
Author/Publisher: Ruckman & Francis / ActuarialBrew
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IMPORTANT: Customers need to download the free software, ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS, in order to receive and access electronic media.Printing and copying restrictions will apply. ELECTRONIC FORMAT! No Returns.  LICENSE TERMS: Please note security features: 12-month license, access to print up to 2 copies of the document, and NO copying or saving.

The ActuarialBrew.com eStudy Manual for the MFE/3F Exam is a comprehensive study manual that provides a detailed explanation of the required material to help you quickly understand the concepts as you prepare for the exam. It is the same as our professionally printed Study Manual, except it is an electronic file instead of a printed manual.

Our MFE/3F eStudy Manual provides a detailed explanation of the required material, covering all of the Exam MFE/3F learning objectives with a special focus on:

  • difficult concepts
  • areas that are especially likely to be tested

Please note that the Study Manual contains some worked examples but the approximately 500 Questions are available as a separate product. Student may choose whether or not to bundle the Study Manual and Questions together.

This eproduct is for the exclusive use of the purchaser and is not to be distributed or used by others. Please note that since this is an electronic product, no refunds are given after the file is sent. The file may be printed up to 2 times, but copying is not allowed. Access to the file is provided for one year after purchase which allows students to have access to the file for at least 3 exam cycles.

Free email support is provided to students who purchase our MFE/3F eStudy Manual. We provide quick responses to questions because we are dedicated to help our customers pass the exam.

The MFE/3F eStudy Manual succinctly describes the more straightforward concepts, and it explains the confusing concepts in more detail as needed. Our goal is to prepare you for the exam as efficiently as possible.

The following chapters cover the required material for Exam MFE/3F:

  • Chapter 01: Underlying Assets
  • Chapter 02: Forwards and Futures
  • Chapter 03: Calls and Puts
  • Chapter 04: Put-Call Parity
  • Chapter 05: Applications of Calls and Puts
  • Chapter 06: Put-Call Parity and Replication
  • Chapter 07: Comparing Options
  • Chapter 08: Binomial Trees: Part I
  • Chapter 09: Binomial Trees: Part II
  • Chapter 10: Lognormally Distributed Prices
  • Chapter 11: The Black-Scholes Formula
  • Chapter 12: The Greeks and Other Measures
  • Chapter 13: Delta-Hedging
  • Chapter 14: Exotic Options: Part I
  • Chapter 15: Exotic Options: Part II
  • Chapter 16: Monte-Carlo Simulation
  • Chapter 17: Volatility
  • Chapter 18: The Black Model for Options on Bonds
  • Chapter 19: Binomial Short-Rate Models



Joe Francis, FSA, CFA and Chris Ruckman, FSA

Ruckman and Francis are the co-authors of Financial Mathematics – A Practical Guide for Actuaries and Other Business Professionals, which is an approved text of the Society of Actuaries for Exam FM. The authors each have over 10 years of experience in the actuarial education field. They each also have almost 15 years of experience working in the insurance industry.

Francis has been teaching MFE/3F seminars since the exam was introduced in 2007. Francis also teaches financial mathematics as the actuary-in-residence at Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne. 

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